MEDIUS mask packs fit perfectly with a variety of retail environments.
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  • - MEDIUS loved by customer throughout the world with high quality and high satisfaction also re- purchase rat is high.
  • - All products get dermatology test and get ‘0 skin irritation’grade.
  • - All products made from very hygienic manufacture that got CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice)
  • - All products get Europe ‘CPNP’ and China ‘CFDA’ and get ready to export to abroad.
  • AMPOULE SYNERGY 25 ml 270 ea / per 1box
  • AMPOULE SYNERGY 33 ml 200 ea / per 1box
  • CREAM MASK 300 ea / per 1box
  • NINJA MOIST MASK 255 ea / per 1box
  • SOS WATER BALM 300 ea / per 1box
  • DOUBLE EFFECT 300 ea / per 1box

Frequently asked wholesale questions

- What is main items?

  • All items are significant. Price and function is different.
  • So we are recommend different items by market, target age, whether and etc.
  • if you want get recommendation of our products,
  • Let us know your information of sale place.

- Can I order small quantity at first ?

  • Of course! We are open about first testing order period.
  • Testing our products quality is very important to us too.
  • If you want please let us know.

- Is there any marketing source for sales?

  • YES!
  • We have a tons of marketing source like video, pretty images, and others!
  • If you will be our sales partner, you can get all this sources.